Meet Grady Britton, the people behind Sqooch.

Transfer your tracks and playlists between streaming music providers like Spotify and Beats… free!

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Connect your services
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Meet Biscuit

He makes playlists, has cool things to say and will help you sqooch your music from one source to another. He's happy to assist; he'll even do it for free.

If you'd like to buy him a coffee (or two) you can .

Potentially Asked Questions

Only if you have their username and password.


Nothing… If you found this utility helpful, we're open to donations though!

It varies. There are several factors including how many tracks/playlists you have and how busy the network is. Due to limitation from the various services we can only process so many transactions at a time.

We only store what's necessary to complete a migration. If you provide us your email or phone number so you can be notified when a transaction is completed we promise not to share it.